Communication getting harder

Komunikasi sudah menjadi bagian yang sangat penting bagi perusahaan, agar brand dari produk perusahaan tersebut, tetap eksis. 57 % perusahaan agensi iklan di dunia, dan 64 % dari klien mereka setuju bahwa komunikasi dengan konsumen mereka semakin sulit pada saat ini. Berbagai hambatan antara brand dan konsumen, membuat mereka bertanya tanya, bagaimana strategi komunikasi yang efektif. Berikut adalah beberapa pertanyaan yang mungkin harus anda tanyakan :

  • What is the most important component of a factors of a communication strategy ?
  • How much should be spent on communication?
  • Who is your target audience when mass coverage isn’t always the answer?
  • Is the idea behind your strategy an advertising idea or a communications idea?
  • What should be your channel selection when exposure doesn’t necessarily equal engagement?
  • Is your communication strategy truly integrated?
  • How are the channels you choose going to work together?

Kemudian menurut Guy Murphy, Worldwide Planning Director of JWT, pertanyaan yang paling sering ditanyakan oleh para marketer saat ini adalah:




Strategi khusus harus diterapkan dalam mengkomunikasikan brand anda. Berikut adalah 10 tips dari beberapa pakar komunikasi yang tergabung dalam IPA, ISBA, MCCA dan PRCA :

1 Consider your brand’s communication in its entirety, don’t just concentrate on paid-for advertising.

2 Invest time in getting the objective for communication right, and make sure all the agencies are clear what it is.

3 Ensure that your budget matches your ambition. And vice versa.

4 Demand that your communication strategy has an idea at its heart (and not just an advertising idea).

5 Question your assumptions about the media world. That landscape is changing
in some fast and fundamental ways.

6 Make sure each channel that you use has a clear role to play and fits with the other media that are used. You are aiming for the whole to be greater than the sum of the parts.

7 Don’t give up on effectiveness! Embrace econometrics, construct some tests and

8 Decide whether you want the leadership of communication strategy to sit with client or agency.

9 Decide whether you want all-agency collaboration or a single point of leadership.

10 If you want creative to lead then decide which agency that should be. (It doesn’t 
have to be the advertising agency.)

Mudah mudahan beberapa tips ini bisa membantu anda, yang mungkin sedang pusing untuk menetapkan strategi komunikasi pemasaran perusahaan anda…………

(taken from COMMUNICATION STRATEGY, Joint industry guidelines for marketing professionals in working effectively with agencies, A best practice guide to developing communication campaigns)


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